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Generally, pricing is established after the initial FREE consultation. There are three criteria that are taken into consideration when a price quote is generated:
What is it?
Where is it?
How will it be painted?

If the request is to do a mural painting, the "What" is subject matter.
Are there people being painted?
Are there architectural elements involved that need measurement?
Will it be a Trompe L'oeil (illusion)?
Is it landscape?

 If the request is to do a faux finish, the "What" refers to the style. There are hundreds of techniques to choose from. Each price may differ.

The "Where" is location.
Is it on an interior wall?
Is there furniture in the way?
Is it on a smooth or rough surface? Is it on a high ceiling?
Is it on closet doors?
Is it at a place of business where customers are nearby?

The "How" refers to detail and medium. Any artwork can be painted in a simplistic style and still look beautiful. The same painting can be done with full, 3-dimentional detail that requires more time.
Will it be done in oils or latex?
Will it be done on canvas or on the wall?

All of these variables are usually worked through after the initial FREE consultation with the client.

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